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I deal with your business’ legal support at every stage. It doesn't matter if you've been on the market for some time or if you're just setting up a company. I support individual businesses, both small and medium enterprises as well as large companies.

Why is it worth seeking reliable legal assistance?

I’ll realistically assess your situation:

There are things that are clear from the start, but require legal knowledge. There are also cases where it is impossible to determine the eventual outcome. There are also proceedings that have no chance of a positive result or I see no basis for legal intervention. If such a situation occurs, I will communicate this to you and together we will determine your next steps.

I fairly estimate the value of my work:

Legal assistance always comes at a cost, but it pays you back like no other service. I determine my compensation fairly, taking into account all possible scenarios, making sure you receive the highest level of legal support which includes my full commitment. I have an individual approach to each of the cases entrusted to me. I believe this is the only approach that guarantees the shaping of a successful case strategy, which results in winning your case without unnecessary time being spent. This ultimately assures that my remuneration is a wise investment for you.

I translate the legal speak into action:

Action is what counts. That will lead us to winning your case. I have many years of experience in interpreting the law. This allows me to draw both logical and proper conclusions and I apply them in practice. You and your company are safe with me.

I will help you start a business or set up a company, I will deal with any and all legal issues concerning the functioning of your company.

Your business is my business. A good lawyer's support is your safety net and frees up your time which you can devote to development.

My work is saving you time and money which allows you to be sure that the only thing you need to focus on is developing your business. Legal aspects of your business are in the hands of an experienced specialist.

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